Benefits of Family Devotions

05 Feb

We all need happy homes where demons and Satan will not have a say or influence. Homes where unity and togetherness found and people who acknowledge Jesus as Christ and their lord and homes where members do not tolerate sin or play. Such houses will automatically have the power of God since they are also conscious of God. You can get regular devotionals from

Its good to put it clear that to achieve that, you need to have devotions. Family devotions are time set aside by the family members to worship God. The family devotions are also known as family alters.. the family changes are where the whole family meets God.  It includes the father, mother children and all the other available family members including the maids.

Family devotions done any time can be in the morning, evening or can be done at both times. The families are required to decide the time and also the duration of time to take in the devotion.

Activities during the family devotion include singing songs of praising and worshiping or singing hymns, bible trivia, questions and answers and clarification of the scriptures that one does not understand. Fervent prayers are also essential in the family devotions. The session should be participatory.

Regular and consistent family devotions result;

1. The family became rooted and built up in Christ.

2. The family can experience strength, joy, and guidance of the Lord.

3. The family will live by the spirit of the lords, and they won't make decisions carnally.

4. It is an opportunity to build up their faith.

5. There is experiencing divine supplies and spiritual elevation.

6. Family devotions can become a blessing to the society where people live.

7. Consistent family devotions also build up the peoples relationships.

It is important to know that a family that prays together also stays together. It is because they receive guidance about their relations from their lord. Prayers are very crucial in Christian life, and a prayerless life is a powerless life. It is therefore essential to always get time for prayers out of your busy schedule. You can go here for even more devotionals.

Devotions done in the morning are better since you start your day with the lord, and throughout the day you will be having the presence of God guiding you in all that you do. To be able to do the devotions daily with no fail, it requires a personal relationship with God, a zeal for worshiping him and a thankful heart.

Wondering how you can lead a family devotional? Watch this: 

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